A Whale Breaching the Water on the Gold Coast, Australia

Humpback whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia

Today’s travel photo is of a Southern Humpback Whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia. I snapped this shot during my recent whale watching cruise with Sea World on the Gold Coast. I was happy just to have spotted some whales, but when they started putting on a show for us, I was thrilled. The show, of course, wasn’t for our benefit – the whales were just doing what they do – but for us it was an amazing experience. The two male whales that we came in contact with were busy slapping the water with their tails and pectoral fins in a kind of “noise competition” with some other males that were close by. The highlight came when one of the whales began launching itself out of the water in a spectacular breach. If you’re on the Gold Coast during whale watching season, I definitely recommend the experience.

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