The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

The Spanish Steps from piazza di spagna in Rome, Italy

The Spanish Steps (Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti) is a popular tourist attraction in Rome, Italy, and is known as the widest staircase in Europe. Built between 1723 and 1725, this magnificent staircase was built to link the Spanish Embassy in Piazza di Spagna down the bottom, to the Trinità dei Monti church at the top.

Fontana della Barcaccia in Rome, Italy

Fontana della Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna

In Piazza di Spagna, is the beautiful 17th century Baroque style fountain: Fontana della Barcaccia (Fountain of the Old Boat). From here the wide stairway climbs up 138 steps to Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the church. The Trinità dei Monti church was built by the French, completed in 1585, and actually still belongs to France.

In the centre of the piazza is a large Roman Obelisk, copied from the Egyptian Obelisk found in Piazza del Popolo.

Spanish steps church and obelisk

The Trinità dei Monti church and obelisk from the Spanish Steps

Once you reach the top of the steps at Piazza Trinità dei Monti, you can enjoy the fantastic view out across Rome. Looking down to Piazza di Spagna, you can look across the beautiful streets and buildings of Rome, towards the magnificent dome of St Peter’s Church in the Vatican City.

View from the spanish steps in Rome, Italy

View from Piazza Trinità dei Monti at the top of the Spanish Steps

Although it was a hot day when we were there, the climb to the top was well worth it, and I absolutely love walking around Rome!

Paintings in Piazza Trinità dei Monti in Rome, Italy

Art being sold in Piazza Trinità dei Monti


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