People Selling Durians on the Street in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

People selling durians on the street in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Today’s travel photo is of some people selling durians and other fruit on the street in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. For me, the thing I loved most about Kampong Cham was the people watching. It wasn’t a touristy place, so the locals all went about their business and I never got hassled at all by any vendors, even at the market. These people had set up across the street from the central market in front of a random store that seemed to both fix motorbikes and sell fans and light globes, with the added bonus of a money exchange service (there were several of these stores all on the one street…that’s Asia!). The lady on the right looked bored and ready for a nap, while the lady on the left was selling something to the man squatting down in this photo. The people in the shop in the background looked like they were ready for a nap as well. Kampong Cham certainly is a sleepy place. I loved it!

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