The need to travel

Travel is one of those things that has somehow become a part of who I am over the years. I always feel a strong need to travel, to go on adventures, see new places and experience new cultures. I think this is something that I have inherited from my father in my childhood. My father spent much of his younger years travelling around the world, and as a child he would always encourage me to do the same. I can’t even remember how many camping trips and bush walks that he took me on, and how many stories he told me about his travels. Adventure is something that runs through my veins, the rush of going to a new place, seeing the beauty in the world, and the sense of achievement I get from climbing a mountain or finishing a trek. I live for all of these things and the feeling of freedom and accomplishment that it gives me.

I have spent a lot of time trying to live a “normal life”, going to work, paying bills, getting into debt to do what society tells me to do, and to me it seems like such a boring existence. When I am travelling, planning a trip or even just going out for a day hike, I feel like my life is so much more fulfilled.  It amazes me when I come across people who don’t understand this. They think that I’m selfish, and can’t believe that I would rather spend my money on travel instead of buying a house. I usually find that these people are those that are poisoned by society’s expectations, and live their lives working jobs that they hate, just to spend all of their money on bills. That life just isn’t for me. I want to live a full and happy life filled with great experiences, and to me, seeing the world is a big part of that.


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