Vatican City

The Gallery of Maps in the Musei Vaticani in the Vatican City

Gallery Of Maps in the Vatican City


Today’s travel photo is of the Gallery of Maps inside the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City. This hall is one of my favourite parts of the Vatican Museums. It contains 40 detailed maps of the Italian regions and cities frescoed on the walls, as well as some other incredible frescoes covering the entire ceiling… Read More

Mosaic Floor in the Vatican City

Mosaic Floor in Musei Vaticani, Vatican City


Today’s travel photo is an old one of a beautiful mosaic tiled floor inside Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museums) in the Vatican City. The Vatican is an absolute must see if you travel to Rome, but don’t just visit St Peter’s Basilica. Take the time to visit the Vatican Museums on your way to the Sistine… Read More

Photo of the week: Belvedere Courtyard, Vatican City


This week’s travel photo is of the Belvedere Courtyard (Cortile del Belvedere) in the Vatican City. I took this photo out of a window while walking through the Vatican Museums towards the Sistine Chapel. Visiting the Vatican City is one of my favourite travel moments… Read More

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

How to spend 3 days in Rome


Rome, the Eternal City, a place full of history and culture. Everywhere you step you are walking through some point in the timeline of the last 2500 years. It is a city to be lived and loved by everyone through it’s beautiful architecture, food, art and romance. Every world traveler has Rome on their list of… Read More

ceiling in the Hall of Maps in the Vatican City

The Vatican City in photos


My tour of the Vatican City was one of the highlights of my trip to Rome. The tour took us through the Vatican Museums, Raphael’s Rooms and the Sistine Chapel. All of which were breathtakingly beautiful. At the end of the tour we were free to explore St Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the… Read More