Fountain in Trafalgar Square in London, England

Fountain at Trafalgar Square in London


Today’s travel photo is of a fountain at Trafalgar Square in London. Trafalgar Square is one of those must visit sites in London as it is such an iconic part of the city. It’s a busy place, full of tourists and locals, and the surrounding streets are always busy with traffic. The square sits in… Read More

HMS Victory in Portsmouth, England

HMS Victory in Portsmouth, England

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Today’s travel photo is of the HMS Victory in the city of Portsmouth, England. The HMS Victory is famous for being the flagship of Vice-Admiral Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 – Britain’s greatest naval victory. She had been sailing for long before that, however, and since 1765 had led the British Naval Fleet in the… Read More

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge: A Timeless Wonder


I hate expectations when it comes to travel. It is something that I preach often – when you travel to a new place, go there with an open mind. Try not to judge a place before you go there. But even I have trouble with this sometimes. Sometimes, you just can’t help having some sort… Read More

Font inside Salisbury Cathedral, England

Font Inside Salisbury Cathedral, England


Today’s travel photo is of the font near the entrance of Salisbury Cathedral in the town of Salisbury, England. The cathedral in Salisbury is one of England’s largest and most important Anglican churches. The font in this photo is a modern addition to the 13th century church, and used for baptisms. I liked the reflective… Read More

Gatehouse entrance to Hampton Court Palace in England

Royal History and Extravagance at Hampton Court Palace, England


Henry VIII, possibly England’s most famous King, had many palaces throughout the country that his court would move between when they had exhausted the surrounding resources. Of all of Henry’s palaces and castles, only two remain standing today. Situated on the Thames in Surrey, just upstream of London, Hampton Court Palace has stood for 500… Read More

The Tower Bridge in London, England

A Photo Journey Through London


Our recent trip to England was our first time in the country, and so one of the places that I wanted to get to know most was, of course, its capital city. London is one of the most visited cities in the world, full of interesting historical sites and with a picturesque setting on the… Read More

Courtyard inside Hampton Court Palace, England

Courtyard in Hampton Court Palace, England


Today’s travel photo is of the entrance courtyard inside Hampton Court Palace in England. Hampton Court was built in the 16th century for King Henry VIII and much of the architecture of the original palace remains unchanged. The following century, King William III and Queen Mary expanded the palace to try and rival Versailles. Today… Read More

View of London and a tower from St Paul's Cathedral

Climbing to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral in London


Blue skies and sun shined down upon us as we stepped out of Waterloo Station for a day of sightseeing in London. Although still cold in the shadows of the buildings, out in the sun it was nice and warm and I removed my jacket, possibly for the first time since I landed in England… Read More

Ancient Roman Walls in Silchester, England

Ancient Roman Walls in Silchester, England


Today’s travel photo is of the Ancient Roman Walls at the roman ruins in Silchester, England. This photo might look like an ordinary English farm paddock, but the stone wall on the right is nearly 2000 years old, built as defense of the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum. The town itself dates back even further… Read More

The twin towered Gatehouse at Donnington Castle, Berkshire, England

The Medieval Ruins of Donnington Castle, England


Just north of Newbury in Berkshire, stands the ruins of a castle I had never heard of. It took a drive to the small village of Donnington, down a quiet village lane to a typical English field to discover what remains of a 14th century castle. Donnington Castle was built in the 1380’s for Sir… Read More