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I Love KL - City Gallery at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide


Kuala Lumpur is a big modern Asian metropolis full of skyscrapers and shopping malls, growing over the years into a city that could rival Singapore. Still, beneath the city’s shiny modern exterior you will find a vibrant culture where multiple ethnicities merge to create a unique blend of cultural customs, characterized by the different food… Read More

48 Hours in Melbourne

48 Hours in Melbourne


Melbourne is a city that I took way too long to go and visit. I’m Australian born and bred and have lived here all of my life, but in my 32 years I had never gone to Australia’s second largest (and some would argue, most popular) city. This year, I finally changed that, and I… Read More

YMCA Escapes: Travel for People with Disabilities


I am a firm believer that EVERYONE should be able to travel and see the world, no matter who you are, where you are from or what your situation is. My goal with this blog is to encourage everyone to travel and reap the rewards of the experience and education that only travel can provide… Read More

Hakuba, Japan

What you need to know about Hakuba, Japan


Hakuba valley in Japan is one of the world’s most popular skiing destinations. And once you get there, you’ll immediately know what the hype is all about. In the peak of the snow season from December through to February, you are almost guaranteed heavy snowfall (they average about 11 metres per season). There are a… Read More

Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong

11 Unusual Things to see and do in Hong Kong


The mention of Hong Kong brings to mind a bustling metropolis perfect for shopping and fine dining, yet Hong Kong is so much more. Go beyond the city boasting the most sky scrapers in the world and you’ll find jaw dropping scenery, sparkling clear blue waters and hidden beaches just waiting to be explored. A… Read More

View of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Australia

Things to do during a short stay in Sydney, Australia


Sydney is the most well known city in Australia for a reason – it’s just a wonderful place to visit! I’ve been to Sydney a few times now and it is one of those places that I never seem to get sick of. There is always something to do and it never fails to impress… Read More

Kakadu escarpment in Australia

Dreaming of Kakadu


I consider myself lucky for the fact that I live in one of the greatest travel destinations in the world – Australia. It has to be one of the most diverse countries to visit, and over the years I have seen quite a lot of it. Even though I have crossed the country and travelled… Read More

Flying over the countryside and clouds in France

How Do You Conquer Jet Lag?


I open my eyes, suddenly awake in the pitch black darkness of the night. I roll over and check my phone. It’s 3am and I’ve only been asleep for four hours. I roll back over and bury my head into my pillow. I toss and turn for the next hour, but it’s no use. I’m… Read More

Reef and wreck at Henrietta Rocks on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Rottnest Island: White Sand, Turquoise Water and Quokkas


Imagine yourself on an island, standing in warm crystal clear water, your feet sinking into the almost perfect white sand, the warm sun beating down on you from cloudless skies, and almost no one else around. That is what you can find on Rottnest Island for three seasons of the year. Located just off the… Read More

The road to the South Flinders Ranges in South Australia

Budget Tips for a Road Trip Around Australia


Australia is without a doubt one of the most diverse and interesting countries to visit in the world. There is a lot to see, from interesting cities to amazing natural wonders, but it is also an expensive place to travel. One of the best ways to see it (and one of the cheapest) is to… Read More