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Makarora Road, New Zealand

Haast Pass: Wanaka to the West Coast


I left Wanaka in the late morning after a spectacular drive over the snow covered Crown Range from Queenstown. Little did I know that the scenery was about to get even more beautiful. To get to the rugged and remote West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island means driving one of the few roads through… Read More

Driving the Crown Range in New Zealand


The best way to see New Zealand, in my opinion, is to drive. There are so many amazing drives you can go on that are jaw droppingly beautiful and will have you stopping every five minutes to take photos. We had already enjoyed several very scenic drives on our first few days in the country, driving from… Read More

Motorbike journey in the Balkans

A Motorbike Journey Across the Balkans

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Today we have some travel inspiration from Jacob Laukaitis, who bought a motorbike and rode 8000kms across the Balkan States, filming as he went. This video of his journey will make you want to pack up and hit the road. A journey across the Balkans I was born and raised in Eastern Europe, but have… Read More

The road to the South Flinders Ranges in South Australia

Budget Tips for a Road Trip Around Australia


Australia is without a doubt one of the most diverse and interesting countries to visit in the world. There is a lot to see, from interesting cities to amazing natural wonders, but it is also an expensive place to travel. One of the best ways to see it (and one of the cheapest) is to… Read More

An old house at sunset in Yunta, South Australia

An Old House at Sunset in Yunta, South Australia


Today’s travel photo is of an old house and water tank at sunset in the small town of Yunta in outback South Australia. We stopped here for the night during the long drive from Perth to Brisbane last year, camping out next to the railway line in the town’s recreation area which allows over night… Read More