Climbing Mount Maroon

Climbing Mount Maroon, Australia


Brisbane is privileged to be surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, with mountains and forests that are full of excellent hiking trails. It is one of the reasons why I love living here. I’ve completed lots of these trails over the years but one that I hadn’t tackled yet was the Cotswold Track to the summit… Read More

Lower Portals trail in Mount Barney National Park, Australia

Hiking to Lower Portals, Mount Barney National Park


I’m currently in training mode again for another trip to the Nepal Himalaya in a couple of month’s time, so I’ve been regularly hitting the trails around Brisbane again. One of my favourite areas to go hiking within an easy drive of Brisbane is Mount Barney National Park. There are some good, variable trails there which… Read More

Reflections in Lake Manchester, Australia

Reflections at Lake Manchester, Australia


Today’s photo is of the sky and clouds reflecting on the water of Lake Manchester in Southeast Queensland, Australia. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago while hiking the 17km trail around the lake. It was a very peaceful walk along the lake’s edge and then up in the surrounding forested hills. I… Read More

Humpback whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia

A Whale Breaching the Water on the Gold Coast, Australia


Today’s travel photo is of a Southern Humpback Whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia. I snapped this shot during my recent whale watching cruise with Sea World on the Gold Coast. I was happy just to have spotted some whales, but when they started putting on a show for us, I was… Read More

Mount Cordeaux in Main Range National Park, Queensland, Australia

Mount Cordeaux in Main Range National Park, Australia


Today’s travel photo is of the summit of Mount Cordeaux in Main Range National Park, Australia. Main Range National Park makes up a spectacular part of the Great Dividing Range in Southeast Queensland and is perfect for some day hikes if you’re in Brisbane or surrounding areas. I took this photo while hiking past Mount… Read More

My dog, Mindy, watching the sunset at Inskip Point, Australia

Mindy watching the sunset at Inskip Point, Australia


The only problem with travelling overseas is that we have to leave our dog, Mindy, behind; and after nearly two months in Asia, we are missing her a lot. Today’s photo is of Mindy watching the sunset at Inskip Point in Queensland, Australia, not long before we left for our road trip across Australia. She… Read More

A Goanna in Flanagan Reserve, Australia

Goanna at Flanagan Reserve, Australia


While camping at Flanagan Reserve in South East Queensland, Australia, we managed to enjoy at least a few hours of beautiful sunshine. It turned out that we weren’t the only ones who were over the wet weather as several large Goannas came out to wonder through our camp and enjoy the warm heat of the… Read More

Rapids on the Logan River at Flanagan Reserve, Australia

Logan River Rapids at Flanagan Reserve, Australia


Flanagan Reserve is a lovely camping ground located on the banks of the upper Logan River near Mount Barney in South East Queensland, Australia. We recently stayed here for a couple of days and camped right on the river bank where we had great river views and hardly any sounds apart from the rushing water… Read More

Sunset on the beach at Inskip Point in Rainbow Beach, Australia

Inskip Peninsula at Rainbow Beach, Australia | Photo Essay


After all of the rain and flooding that we had here in Queensland, Australia, we were desperate for some sunshine. Although the rain wasn’t really going anywhere, it had eased off enough to only the occasional shower, so we decided to head up to Rainbow Beach for a couple of days with the hope that… Read More

Canungra creek flooding in Canungra, Australia

Flooded out while camping in Canungra, Australia


After spending a couple of weeks in Darlington Park near Beaudesert in South East Queensland, we were ready to move onto somewhere else. We chose to stay in the showgrounds in Canungra, a pretty little town in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The campground costs $8 per person per night and has a nice amenities block… Read More