Masai man making fire with donkey dung in Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Masai Man Making Fire With Donkey Dung at Lake Manyara, Tanzania

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Today’s travel photo is of a Masai man demonstrating how to start a fire using donkey dung in their village near Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Visiting this Masai village was a great experience for me, as the people showed us around their village and gave us a look into the lives and culture of the Masai… Read More

A mud hut in a Masai Village in Tanzania

Mud hut in a Masai Village at Lake Manyara, Tanzania


When I visited Lake Manyara in the Northern Tanzania, I had the amazing opportunity of visiting a local Masai village. The experience was wonderful as I learned about their way of life. This photo is of one of their traditional mud and straw huts with some of the locals standing next to it. These people… Read More

A Masai girl with her baby brother on her back in a Masai Village in Tanzania

Visiting a Masai Village in Tanzania


Rays of sunlight shined through the clouds onto the vast grasslands near Lake Manyara. Our land cruiser kicked up the dust behind it as our driver navigated the rough dirt track through the grasslands. Up ahead I could see a lone baobab tree sitting on some higher ground, it’s bare root like branches standing out against… Read More