Bridge across the river in Kampot, Cambodia

Bridge Across the River in Kampot, Cambodia


Today’s travel photo is of the old bridge that crosses the river in Kampot, Cambodia. I found this bridge really interesting as it looks like three or four different bridges all connected together. I’m guessing that when one part has been destroyed by flooding it has been replaced by a completely different style and just… Read More

Street in Kampot, Cambodia

Backpacker’s Travel Guide to Kampot, Cambodia


Kampot is a sleepy little riverside town in Southern Cambodia, located a couple of kilometres from the coast. Here you will find quiet streets lined with old French shop fronts, friendly locals and a very chilled out vibe. Kampot hasn’t got a lot to offer in the form of tourist attractions, but its charm and… Read More

Riding a scooter from Kampot to Kep, Cambodia

Riding Through a Storm in Kampot, Cambodia


The weather had turned bad as soon as we left Phnom Penh, but it was only really drizzle and the odd shower to start off with, and when we arrived in Kampot, it wasn’t enough to bother us. The rain was never heavy enough to stop us from going out and looking around town, and… Read More

Beef Lok Lak in Kampot, Cambodia

Beef Lok Lak in Kampot, Cambodia


I think eating the local food is an important part of the travel experience, so whenever I travel to a new country, I like to try as many local dishes as I can. In Kampot, Cambodia, I tried a couple of new dishes, and this photo is of a plate of beef lok lak, which… Read More