Wat Monthian in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Instagramming Chiang Mai


It’s time for another Instagram round up post! Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for two months is one of the greatest travel experiences that I’ve had. It was the first time that I’ve actually stayed still for an extended period of time while overseas, and during that time I was able to discover the benefits… Read More

Street and old buildings in Luang Prabang, Laos

Instagramming Laos


It’s Instagram roundup time again! This time from the beautiful landlocked country of Laos in Southeast Asia. This was actually my second trip to Laos, but this time I had a lot more time to explore and got to see some new places. It still wasn’t enough time of course. This time around I didn’t… Read More

Sunset on the Mekong River in Kratie, Cambodia

Instagramming Cambodia


If you haven’t noticed already, I took a lot of photos when I travelled through Cambodia. If you think I’ve taken a lot of photos from what I’ve shared on this blog, well, you still have no idea. My hard drive is full of them. When I look at all of the photos I took… Read More

View of the river in Hoi An

Instagramming Vietnam


I was so excited to visit Vietnam a couple of months ago. Not only was I visiting a new country, I was also visiting a country that I had been wanting to visit for a long time. For a whole month, Veronika and I travelled the country from North to South, starting in Hanoi and… Read More

The Straightest Road in Australia

Instagramming across Australia from Brisbane to Perth


Our recent road trip across Australia from Brisbane to Perth was amazing. Over about five weeks we travelled from the south of Queensland through New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and then into Western Australia, camping and sight seeing along the way in our old camper van. Along the way I made lots of live… Read More