An elephant painting a picture near Chiang Mai, Thailand

An elephant painting a picture in Chiang Mai, Thailand


I have spoken briefly before about the whole elephant tourism thing in Thailand, but I could never really find the words to describe how I felt about it. Instead, I posted a black and white photo essay to try and portray the elephant camp experience. Is it right that elephants are being used for rides… Read More

Photo Essay: An Elephant Camp in Black and White


I have always loved elephants. Even from a young age I was fascinated by them when I saw them at the zoo, and I had always wanted to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. I finally got to do just that when I was in Nepal in 2009, and I had an… Read More

Elephant squirting water in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Bathing With Elephants in Chitwan National Park, Nepal


My love for elephants had only increased after playing with the baby at the Elephant Breeding Centre in Chitwan National Park, Nepal, and when I was told that I could go and watch the elephants going for their bath in the river, I jumped at the chance. When we arrived at the river, there were… Read More

Playing With Baby Elephants In Chitwan National Park, Nepal


Walking through the forest of Chitwan National Park in Southern Nepal was beautiful, and I managed to avoid getting eaten by any tigers. The cool, misty morning air had now given way to the warmth of the day, and as the sun shined down upon us through the leaves of the trees, we soon emerged… Read More