River Boat in Melacca, Malaysia

River Boat in Melacca, Malaysia

Today’s travel photo is of a boat heading up the Melaka River in Melacca, Malaysia. I just returned from a trip to Malaysia where I visited Melacca for the first time. I was instantly impressed by the stunning buildings of the Old Town, where the Melaka River is developed like a canal with picturesque buildings all along it. There isn’t a lot of traffic on the river these days, however tourist cruise boats head up and down regularly and it is a great way to see the town. There are also pathways which line the river on both sides and you can walk for miles, exploring the neighbourhoods along the river or sitting at one of the riverside cafes for a coffee or a beer.

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  • Ethan Mar 20, 2017

    There is so many places for Boating but this one, I love to make ride of river Boat in Melacca, Malaysia

  • Malaysia is beautiful indeed. Even the river is neat, no doubt that you enjoyed it so much. Your photo perfect.

  • heritage india tour Mar 23, 2017

    so beautiful place and i also want to ride in that lake. its my favorite place.

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