Placid Ocean at Johanna Beach, Australia

Placid ocean at Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Today’s travel photo is of the Southern Ocean just after sunset from Johanna Beach on the Great Ocean Road, Australia. Johanna Beach is a popular spot on the Great Ocean Road as the camping area is free. It’s also the only place that allows dogs in the National Park that covers the Great Ocean Road area, so it was a great find for us.

In this photo I captured the waves moving up the beach using a long exposure, giving the water a very placid effect. I remember sitting here with my wife and my dog, having a beer while we watched the sunset over the bay. It’s memories like those that make me smile, and I love how a photo like this can bring back those memories.

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  • Rachel Dec 18, 2013

    I love this photo of the ocean.. it has this foggy effect which is kinda enchanting for me. Weird footprints too.
    Nice work. 🙂

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