Pink Skies Over Sydney City, Australia

Pink skies over Sydney City, Australia

Today’s travel photo is a shot of the CBD at sunset in Sydney, Australia. I took this photo from the Opera House, where you can get amazing views of the city and Sydney Cove. We waited here while the sun went down in the west, turning the clouds above into different shades of pink, orange and yellow, before the lights of the city took over as the sun disappeared. I always love visiting Sydney, and a walk along the harbour is always a part of it.

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  • Jen Apr 7, 2014

    Great shot Dean! We have been having some amazing sunsets in Sydney the past few weeks. My camera and phone is just full of shots.

    • Dean Wickham May 2, 2014

      Oh I’m jealous Jen. Sydney does get some great sunsets. Although I can’t complain. Perth has some pretty good ones too. There’s nothing like the sun setting over the ocean 🙂

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