Photo: Siena Cathedral

Cathedral in Siena, Italy

If you’re planning on travelling to Siena on your tour of Italy, make sure to include a visit to it’s beautiful cathedral. The Duomo di Siena was built in the 13th century and is a spectacular piece of architecture. The interior is as beautiful if not more so than the exterior, and covered from floor to ceiling in amazing artwork. You can find art pieces inside the cathedral by artists such as Michaelangelo, Bernini and Donatello. This is my favourite church outside of Rome and is a “must see” in Siena.

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  • Mark H Jun 12, 2011

    The artowrk on the floor is extraordinary as is the great library with its historic hand drawn books. Great recommendation.

    • Dean Jun 12, 2011

      Hi Mark, I agree it was extraordinary. I was mesmerized the whole time I was in there. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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