Photo: Rottnest Island, Western Australia

A beach on Rottnest Island, Western AustraliaRottnest Island is situated off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia. With beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and an interesting history, a trip to Rottnest Island makes an excellent day trip out of Perth. Or if you want to stay longer there is a wide range of accommodation available to stay and enjoy this beautiful Island.

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  • Kris Koeller Jul 23, 2011

    Looks quite nice. What about its history is interesting? Just curious.

    • Dean Wickham Jul 23, 2011

      Hi Kris. Well the Island was inhabited by local Aboriginal people for thousands of years, the Dutch were the first to discover the island in the 1600’s giving it it’s name. The British were the first to settle there, and it was then used as a penal settlement for Aboriginal prisoners. Later it was used as a detainment camp for enemy aliens during 1st and 2nd world wars, and as a temporary military base as well during World War 2. There are a lot of old buildings and a museum on the Island, documenting its history.

  • Nomadic Samuel Aug 1, 2011

    What a gorgeous photo! I could relax there for an afternoon 🙂

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