Panorama: Kibo View from Baranco Camp, Mount Kilimanjaro

View of Mount Kilimanjaro from Baranco Camp

The blog has been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve been in Tanzania for the past couple of weeks. I’m happy to say that I made it all the way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was the hardest trek I have ever attempted, based solely on the summit day itself. I took the Machame Route up the mountain which is one of the harder, but more scenic routes. I will talk more about this amazing trek in future posts, but for now I hope that you enjoy this panorama taken from Baranco Camp. In this photo, Kibo Peak rises up above the great Baranco Wall which we had to tackle on the rough track on the right the following morning.

This is a very beautiful part of the world, and you can only experience it by hiking.


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