Ngorongoro Crater View, Tanzania | Panorama

Panoramic View of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

As we made our way to Serengeti National Park from Lake Manyara in Northern Tanzania, we had to climb up into the Ngorongoro Highlands before we went to Olduvai Gorge and then onto Serengeti. Although we would be visiting Ngorongoro Crater for a safari on the way back, it was great to stop in on the crater rim to get this first view of the crater. Although it was a bit of a hazy day, we had a great view from this point where I took this panorama. I was surprised at just how big the crater is, and even from up here we could see huge herds of Buffalo and Wildebeest far below. I was now more excited than ever to get down into the crater to get up close and personal with the animals.

Click on the panorama to view it in full size.

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