Motorbikes on the Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

Motorbikes on the street in Hanoi, Vietnam

Today’s travel photo is of motorbikes crossing a busy street intersection in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve seen a lot of bad traffic in Asia, but Vietnam has to have some of the worst that I have seen. The streets of Hanoi can get clogged with thousands of motorbikes and scooters all fighting for a space to get through. The intersections are particularly bad, and I couldn’t seem to work out what the rule was there. All of the motorbikes basically just come together all at once in all directions and try to dodge each other to continue on their way, even if that means heading in the other direction, or up over the sidewalk if there is one. Basically, anything goes. As a pedestrian, crossing the street in any big city in Vietnam is quite the experience.

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