The Medieval Town of San Gimignano, Italy

piazza in san gimignano, italy

After visiting the beautiful old town of Siena the day before, I was excited to continue on the medieval path through Tuscany to the small town of San Gimignano. Like many towns in the area, it originated as an Etruscan village but was built up into the town it is today during the middle ages. San Gimignano thrived during the 13th and 14th centuries due to it’s perfect location on the medieval road to Rome and the Vatican. Today, San Gimignano is one of the most perfectly preserved medieval towns in Italy and is a great place to spend a day or two.

Just as I found out the day before in Siena, these old medieval towns seem to always be built on top of a hill and the car parks seem to always down at the bottom of said hills, so again my exploration of the town started with a big up hill walk. Unlike Siena though, there are no modern buildings to walk past first, the whole town is the original old town, built within it’s old walls.


a street in san gimignano, italy

Walking along one of the main streets


One of the most well known attractions in San Gimignano are it’s towers. Unlike most other towns in Tuscany, most of it’s original towers are still standing. In fact there are 14 all up of different heights and sizes, built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Just about anywhere you go in the town, you will have a view of at least one of these towers.

Archway in San Gimignano, Italy

A lane and tower in San Gimignano, Italy

Even when I’m looking for a toilet (WC) I still have great views of a tower

medieval buildings in San Gimignano, Italy


As we walked through the streets we came to Piazza Duomo which of course contains the town’s main Duomo (Collegiate Church), and the magnificent People’s Palace (or Communal Palace). The church dates back to the 11th century and is stunning inside. I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of the interior, but it contains some magnificent frescoes and other artwork that is definitely a must see.

Collegiate Church in San Gimignano, Italy

The Collegiate Church (Duomo) with the Communal Palace and tower on the left

The People’s Palace (Communal Palace) is now used as the town hall and also contains a museum and art gallery containing some very important pieces. As I walked through the archway under the huge tower I was amazed to walk into the beautifully preserved medieval courtyard of the old palace. It was as if I had gone back in time to the middle ages.

The people's palace (town hall) in San Gimignano, Italy

The People’s Palace

People's palace courtyard in San Gimignano, Italy

The courtyard inside the People’s Palace

A well in the courtyard of the people's palace in San Gimignano, Italy

An old well inside the courtyard

Door in the courtyard of the People's palace in San Gimignano,Italy

The old wooden door in the courtyard of the People’s Palace


After walking down some more narrow streets between the old buildings we came out into another beautiful little piazza which is actually right next to the Piazza Duomo, the Piazza della Cisterna. Triangular in shape, the piazza is quite small but surrounded by some amazing old buildings and cafes, with a 13th century cistern (like a well or water catchment) in the middle and several of San Gimignano’s famous towers rising high above it. Also, this piazza is home to what apparently is the world’s best gelato! Obviously we had to try it and I can’t say that I disagree with it’s claim. It is by far the best ice cream that I have ever had!

Vine covered house in San Gimignano, Italy

A vine covered house

Piazza della Cisterna in San Gimignano, Italy

Piazza della Cisterna

Eating gelato in San Gimignano, Italy

Offering some of my Gelato to an “amoured knight” outside the Museo Criminale Medioevale


All of that ice cream needs to be worked off, so we took a walk out of the Piazza della Cisterna and found ourselves near the edge of town, looking out across the countryside surrounding San Gimignano. The perfect way to end a great day in an amazing place.

View of countryside in San Gimignano, ItalyView of countryside in San Gimignano, Italy


If you’re heading to Tuscany, definitely put San Gimignano on your list.




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