Masai Man Making Fire With Donkey Dung at Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Masai man making fire with donkey dung in Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Today’s travel photo is of a Masai man demonstrating how to start a fire using donkey dung in their village near Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Visiting this Masai village was a great experience for me, as the people showed us around their village and gave us a look into the lives and culture of the Masai people. Traditionally, to start a fire the Masai men get an ember happening using sticks before carefully placing the ember into the middle of some dry donkey dung. The dung is then nurtured as they blow air into it to get the dung to light up in a flame. Once the dung is lit it is placed onto a pile of sticks to create a proper fire. This is the way it has been done for hundreds of years, and still is today in many of the Masai villages.

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