Mangroves in Pelican Bay, Australia

Mangroves in Pelican Bay at Inskip Point in Queensland, Australia

Located at the end of Rainbow Beach in Queensland, Australia, is the long sandy strip of land known as Inskip Peninsula. Inskip point is one of the gateways to nearby Fraser Island, and a 4wd only ferry runs from the beach at the tip of the peninsula to the sandy coast of the island.

Inskip is one of my favourite camping spots as it is only a few hours drive from Brisbane and, most importantly, dogs are allowed. So my furry mate Mindy is allowed to come with me on my camping trips. On one side of the peninsula is the sheltered waters of Pelican Bay, and when the tide goes out you can walk right out across the sand into the bay. I took this photo of some mangroves while I took Mindy for a walk in Pelican Bay, and we were surprised to find thousands and thousands of tiny crabs that come up to scurry along the newly exposed sand. Mindy couldn’t quite work out what to make of it all, and she tread quite carefully as we made our way back to the shore.

My dog checks out some tiny crabs in Pelican Bay in Queensland, Australia

Mindy cautiously checks out the thousands of tiny crabs in Pelican Bay


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