Gallery Of Maps in the Vatican City

The Gallery of Maps in the Musei Vaticani in the Vatican City

Today’s travel photo is of the Gallery of Maps inside the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City. This hall is one of my favourite parts of the Vatican Museums. It contains 40 detailed maps of the Italian regions and cities frescoed on the walls, as well as some other incredible frescoes covering the entire ceiling. The maps were painted between 1580 and 1585, and they are incredibly detailed and accurate, despite the fact there of course was no way for them to know what the places looked like from above. Although the Vatican Museums get terribly crowded (you can see the heads of the crowd in bottom of this photo), I will definitely return time and time again just to view the amazing artwork.

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  • The Vatican is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? We spent a whole day there, and still could have returned to see more. (We remember standing in line to get in – when a couple of nuns pushed their way to get in front of us. How do you say to a nun, “Excuse me, there’s a queue”? We just laughed…)

    • Dean Wickham Mar 9, 2015

      Haha. I guess nuns have a special “jump the queue pass” 😉

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