Lower Portals trail in Mount Barney National Park, Australia

Hiking to Lower Portals, Mount Barney National Park


I'm currently in training mode again for another trip to the Nepal Himalaya in a couple of month's time, so I've been regularly hitting the trails around Brisbane again. One of my favourite areas to go hiking within an easy drive of Brisbane is Mount Barney National Park. There are some good, variable trails there which… Read More

Story Bridge on the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia

A Sunday Outing in Brisbane


I’ve been living in Brisbane for most of the past decade, but I’ve always lived more in the outer suburbs, so heading into the city for the day really still has that feeling of a proper day trip out. It’s kind of an old school thing, but for us it is exciting to get dressed… Read More

48 Hours in Melbourne

48 Hours in Melbourne


Melbourne is a city that I took way too long to go and visit. I'm Australian born and bred and have lived here all of my life, but in my 32 years I had never gone to Australia's second largest (and some would argue, most popular) city. This year, I finally changed that, and I… Read More

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia

Downtown Melbourne in Photos


I've been to Melbourne several times. Most of those times were in transit at the airport but I also drove through it on my way across Australia a couple of years ago, however I've never had the time to stop and have a look around, so I've always considered Melbourne to be a city that I… Read More

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia

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Today's travel photo is of Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia. I only had a short time in Melbourne but it was long enough for me to find out that I really liked the city. Melbourne has some beautiful old historic buildings, but the most iconic would have to be Flinders Street Station. I took… Read More

Streaky Bay, South Australia

Panorama: Streaky Bay, South Australia


Today's travel photo is a panorama shot of Streaky Bay in South Australia. On our journey around the Eyre Peninsula, we stopped here for lunch on our way to Ceduna. It was a hot, dry place and the grass was brown and scorched, but that water was calm and inviting. It was a very peaceful… Read More

Reflections in Lake Manchester, Australia

Reflections at Lake Manchester, Australia


Today's photo is of the sky and clouds reflecting on the water of Lake Manchester in Southeast Queensland, Australia. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago while hiking the 17km trail around the lake. It was a very peaceful walk along the lake's edge and then up in the surrounding forested hills. I… Read More

Humpback whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia

A Whale Breaching the Water on the Gold Coast, Australia


Today's travel photo is of a Southern Humpback Whale breaching the water on the Gold Coast, Australia. I snapped this shot during my recent whale watching cruise with Sea World on the Gold Coast. I was happy just to have spotted some whales, but when they started putting on a show for us, I was… Read More

View of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Australia

Things to do during a short stay in Sydney, Australia


Sydney is the most well known city in Australia for a reason - it's just a wonderful place to visit! I've been to Sydney a few times now and it is one of those places that I never seem to get sick of. There is always something to do and it never fails to impress… Read More

Kakadu escarpment in Australia

Dreaming of Kakadu


I consider myself lucky for the fact that I live in one of the greatest travel destinations in the world - Australia. It has to be one of the most diverse countries to visit, and over the years I have seen quite a lot of it. Even though I have crossed the country and travelled… Read More