TSS Earnslaw Comes into dock at Walter Peak Farm, New Zealand

Steam ship on Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, new Zealand 0 comments

Today's travel photo is of the TSS Earnslaw coming in to dock at Walter Peak High Country Farm on Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand. The TSS Earnslaw is a vintage steamship that has been transporting passengers around Lake Wakatipu for over a century. Today, you can enjoy a fantastic lake cruise on this beautifully preserved ship… Read More

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

I Love KL - City Gallery at Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3 comments

Kuala Lumpur is a big modern Asian metropolis full of skyscrapers and shopping malls, growing over the years into a city that could rival Singapore. Still, beneath the city's shiny modern exterior you will find a vibrant culture where multiple ethnicities merge to create a unique blend of cultural customs, characterized by the different food… Read More

Jonker Street in Melacca, Malaysia


Today's travel photo is of the historic Chinese heritage buildings that line Jonker Street in Melacca, Malaysia. Jonker Street is the centre of Chinatown in Melacca's historic old town. Due to it's UNESCO World Heritage listing, this stunning area is full of beautifully preserved historic buildings that can't be torn down. The little houses and… Read More

Driving the Crown Range in New Zealand


The best way to see New Zealand, in my opinion, is to drive. There are so many amazing drives you can go on that are jaw droppingly beautiful and will have you stopping every five minutes to take photos. We had already enjoyed several very scenic drives on our first few days in the country, driving from… Read More

Things to do in Melbourne

Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia 13 comments

Melbourne has to be one of my favourite cities in Australia due to its amazing mix of European influence with a very contrasting cosmopolitan vibe. The city's food and bar scene is excellent, with a delightful mix of culture that has you wandering through the city's laneways, seamlessly blending in with Melbourne's art scene. Then… Read More

Historic Arrowtown, New Zealand

Arrowtown, New Zealand 5 comments

New Zealand is filled with quaint little towns where old buildings and European style gardens make you feel like you are somewhere in the English countryside. The small historic village of Arrowtown, located just outside of Queenstown, has to be one of the best around, although it wasn't always so pretty. Arrowtown began as a… Read More

Playing in the Snow on Coronet Peak, New Zealand

View from Coronet Peak New Zealand 8 comments

Queenstown is well known as New Zealand's premier winter playground and the ski capital of the country. When we visited in late spring, the ski season had just finished, with little to no snow fall in the last couple of weeks of the season. As such, the ski resorts were closed down when we arrived… Read More

River Boat in Melacca, Malaysia

River Boat in Melacca, Malaysia 1 comment

Today's travel photo is of a boat heading up the Melaka River in Melacca, Malaysia. I just returned from a trip to Malaysia where I visited Melacca for the first time. I was instantly impressed by the stunning buildings of the Old Town, where the Melaka River is developed like a canal with picturesque buildings… Read More

Hiking to Lower Portals, Mount Barney National Park

Lower Portals trail in Mount Barney National Park, Australia 9 comments

I'm currently in training mode again for another trip to the Nepal Himalaya in a couple of month's time, so I've been regularly hitting the trails around Brisbane again. One of my favourite areas to go hiking within an easy drive of Brisbane is Mount Barney National Park. There are some good, variable trails there which… Read More

Panorama: Lindis Pass, New Zealand

Lindis Pass, New Zealand 0 comments

Today's travel photo is a panorama shot of the Lindis Pass in Otago on the South Island of New Zealand. Travelling from Mount Cook, the road to Queenstown crosses over this spectacular pass. The barren brown tussock grasses of this region are a vast contrast to the lush greens that otherwise seem to cover New… Read More