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Beef Lok Lak in Kampot, Cambodia

I think eating the local food is an important part of the travel experience, so whenever I travel to a new country, I like to try as many local dishes as I can. In Kampot, Cambodia, I tried a couple of new dishes, and this photo is of a plate of beef lok lak, which is sauteed beef strips with a kind of sweet gravy sauce. It was also quite peppery, and delicious. It comes served on salad and an egg on the side, and it is served with either rice or chips. I chose rice and of course a cold glass of Cambodia draft beer to wash it all down. All this for around $3.

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6 Comments to “Beef Lok Lak in Kampot, Cambodia”

Looking very delicious, though I wonder if Cambodian beer is good enough? Do they also have some traditional alcoholic beverage, as most of the countries have?


    I only ever saw the locals drinking beer. They have quite a few to try. My favourites were Cambodia Beer and Anchor Draft.


Beef loc lak is amazing – I loved it when i was out in Cambodia and when I got back home I decided to find the recipe and cook it myself. I wouldnt have guessed that the sauce is mostly soy sauce!


    Hi Jennifer. I might have to look into cooking it myself! The sauce is definitely unique which is what really makes the dish so delicious. Did you like any other Khmer dishes?


Now that food makes my mouth water.. Yum.